Cookies Policy

for the use of services covered by the Platform

In order to improve efficiency and Service management, the Company has adopted the use of “cookies”. These are files of minimal size which are recorded on your computer or telephone. The cookies’ primary function is to provide anonymous information for you regarding your preferences and interests. This information is not used for establishing your identity. The purpose is to make your surfing easier and to optimize the means of communicating with you as a consumer. The cookies do not increase the risk of viruses in your device and cannot damage your files.

The use of data acquired through cookies is a standard practice for most of the larger internet websites.

I. Types of cookies

The Website uses two categories of cookies, namely MyHealthDiet™ cookies and third party cookies from Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics, Google Ad Manager and Facebook Pixel. These cookies are used for collecting the following information:

MyHealthDiet cookies

    • duration of the user session when visiting the Website
    • whether or not the Client has accepted the Cookies Policy

Third party cookies

    • preferences regarding Services
    • preferences regarding foods
    • level of physical activity


II. Use of cookies

All cookies used on the Website are considered necessary. If you do not install cookies, it will be impossible to use the Website.

III. Managing cookies

Some cookies remain saved on your device until they are deleted. They allow for your browser to be recognized during your next visit to the Website. You may at any time delete all cookies saved on your device, as well as to adjust your browser to block cookies. For further information please visit

For any questions regarding the Cookies Policy please contact the Company on the following email:


This Cookies Policy has been adopted on [Date] and represents an inseparable part of the T&Cs, announced on the Company’s Website.