Wuhan: 26-year-old Man Gains 101kg Within 5 Months


With gyms and workplaces shut, a man in China gained 224 pounds within five months of lockdown. Zhou, a resident of Wuhan, who worked at an internet café was already struggling with weight issues when the Chinese authorities imposed curfew owing to the coronavirus in January. However after the local government lifted lockdown on April 8, Zhou was unable to move outside having gained an extraordinary weight gain and was immediately rushed to the hospital.

According to reports, the 5t 7in tall man weighed 392 pounds in December 2019. However, sudden quarantine and work from home policy led to him gaining an additional 224 pounds making him the heaviest man in the entire city. Currently, Zhou is undergoing treatment due to a sudden increase in weight.

Doctors from Zhongnan Hospital of Wuhan University, speaking to international media revealed that they had received a phone call from Zhou on May 31 desperately asking for help. According to reports, Zhau had complained of not falling asleep since past 48 hours and was reportedly in such a frail state that he could barely speak when the medics arrived at his home the next day.


He was immediately rushed to the hospital's intensive care units where he was carried onto the bed by six security men and four medical workers together. Later, Doctors diagnosed him with heart failure and respiratory dysfunction. According to reports after nine days of 24 hours care, his condition is now stable. Commenting on the course of his treatment, doctors reported asserted that Zhou is set to undergo a weight-loss operation by removing part of his stomach but he has to lose 55 pounds in the next three months to reduce the risk of the surgery.